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Alt text: Screenshot of a news article from "The Washington Post" titled "Election 2024: Some Democrats worry Biden's team is ignoring political warning signs." The subtitle adds, "Of particular concern to the president’s allies are indications that his support among Black voters, who were critical to his victory in 2020, may be softening." The article is by Tyler Pager and Dan Balz. Below the article headline is a link to "MORE COVERAGE" with a related story titled "Analysis: An ominous poll for Democrats, and what it says about a Biden alternative." The time at the top of the screen indicates 7:50, and there is a Wi-Fi icon with the signal strength and battery indicator showing 47% remaining.

They worry because this is clearly true. The D political machine is ignoring the risks, or burying them, out of fear of rocking the boat and losing the election.


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