“The Self Sabotaging GOP”

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The WSJ Editorial Board has a short but punchy article that hits against Trump as much as the GOP. There is no new news in the op-ed, but it is interesting to see WSJ this brazenly hostile to Trump, especially after months of whataboutism (“Mr. Trump shouldn’t do X but President Biden is doing Y.”)

The [border deals] bill’s details became irrelevant, as the GOP cowered before Mr. Trump, who is now trashing Mr. Lankford. “This is a very bad bill for his career,” Mr. Trump said in an interview this week. This retribution will be routine if Mr. Trump makes it back to the White House.

The death of the border deal is at bottom a bloody-minded operation by Mr. Trump and his allies to flog border chaos through November—and, if possible, bring down Sen. McConnell as GOP Senate leader. Are they following the House GOP? The war of all against all that has followed its coup against Kevin McCarthy means new Speaker Mike Johnson couldn’t even pass an Israeli aid bill this week. That revolution is eating its own.



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