The beginning of genocide is being observed in Darfur, again. I really have no words for this. The Wall Street Journal has a thorough article, documenting the killings, and the acts of war that have already began.

The very worst, most unbelievable, horrendous thing in the article was holding a mother at gunpoint while setting fire to her, house with three children all under 10 inside. None made it out.

I am unable to remotely comprehend this level of evil.

I am unable to comprehend, watching my children being burned alive.

I am unable to comprehend hearing their screams and being able to do nothing, except die with them, which I imagine I would, deathly preferable to life at that point.

I lack the wisdom of Solomon, and have not the faintest idea of what we, the international community, America ought to do. But doing nothing is only marginally better than complicit.


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