Maybe I’m Not an Imposter

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Imposter syndrome is something I struggle with All. The. Time.

It hit me Monday, what did I actually do?

So I made a list:

  • Business planning
  • Consulting for a new software company in the channel
  • Finished a custom conference table
  • Fixed an automatic paper folder
  • Printed and folder 240 direct mail pieces

And of course, that is in addition to more mundane things that are a part of the every day.

But it was looking at the list of things I did on a day I didn’t feel like I did much that helped me see: I’m not an imposted. Maybe I don’t have it all together, but I’ve got most of it.

There are many other days I feel like I didn’t get nearly enough done, or can’t point to some big thing I did. But the truth is, just doing my every day is a lot.

I’ve got eight kids, seven in the house.

I run — a lot. 15 miles is a slow week, (Before I got COVID, anything less than 30 miles was a bad week)

I own a small business where I wear three C-level hats (CEO, CFO, CMO).

And somehow, in all of that (*cough* while running*) I’ve listened to Audible for 45 minutes a day this year, on average. That doesn’t count anything read on Kindle.

Just living my life is enough to defeat imposter syndrome.

And you know what? I bet your life is the same. I’m sure we have more differences than similarities but I imagine if you took a third-party’s view on your own life, you’d find that you’re not an imposter, either.


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