Meta rejects own board’s request to suspend account of Cambodian strongman

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From WaPo. Facebook’s own oversight board recommended removing the account of Hun Sen.

Who is that? Until a few weeks ago, Cambodia’s leader, he set his son to be the successor, but the elder Sun:

Since 1998, Hun Sen has led the CPP to consecutive and often contentious election victories, overseeing rapid economic growth and development, but also corruptiondeforestation and human rights violations.

Wikipedia Article

But the foreign policy isn’t what matters here. Facebook’s internal oversight board wanted his account removed:

…based on a video he posted earlier this year where he threatened to “beat up” opponents, “send gangsters” to their homes and “arrest a traitor with sufficient evidence at midnight.”

Facebook replied that it was “inconsistent” with their policies and did not violate protocols.

What does it take to violate their protocols, if a dictator publishing video threats on Facebook is OK?

Facebook clearly does not know how to moderate content or will not. I suspect the latter.

Apple, Google, Tesla, Facebook — it’s a long list — continue to learn, and unlearn, that sucking up to questionable regimes works for profits in the short term but bites you in the long term.

And you not only lose all moral authority, you’ve actually lost your morals, caving to dollars instead of standing up to basic human rights.


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