NPR: flame retardants found in breast milk

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To quote extensively:

In the early 2000s, researchers … found high levels of toxic compounds used as a common flame retardant in household items.

The compounds… were gradually phased out…

This summer, scientists detected a new set of similar flame retardants in the breast milk of 50 U.S. women.

…they’re used in so many different products, we come in contact with these compounds in our daily lives…

…while the sample size is relatively small, “this is an interesting start…”

Researchers say it’s too early to know whether we should be worried about these new bromophenols…

Do we need to wait and see if complex chemicals are bad to be given to newborns to eat? It really seems like “no.”

(Yes, the sample size is small, but chemical testing will be relatively easy to replicate)


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