Poland Visitors, This Is Not The Site You Are Looking For

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Since 16 Feb 2024 the vast majority of visitors are from Poland, and they are all referrals.

If you don’t know how you got here, you probably don’t actually want to be here.

This image contains two data visualizations related to website visitors from Poland. On the left, there is a line graph showing a sharp increase in the number of visitors over time, starting from February 8th and peaking around February 18th. On the right, there is a donut chart displaying the percentage of visitors by country, with Poland accounting for 72.8% of the traffic, which is the largest share. The chart indicates that there are 289 users from Poland, marking a 100% increase. Other countries represented in smaller percentages are the United States, France, China, and a category labeled as Others. The colors corresponding to each country are indicated at the bottom: Poland is yellow, United States is blue, France is purple, China is green, and Others is gray. The chart segments are also labeled with their respective percentages.

The referring site is news.grets.store, which redirects to another site, td.redl-sot.net

And that site has an invalid TLS cert, and is blocked by my firewall as a phishing site.

Bar chart showing 'Top First user source by Users' for the week of February 13-19, 2024. The highest referrer is 'news.grets.store' with 305 users, highlighted in blue on the chart.
Browser security warning indicating the connection to the site 'td.redl-sot.net' is not secure, advising not to enter sensitive information as it could be stolen by attackers. Options for certificate choices, site permissions, automatic downloads, cookies, and tracking prevention are shown. Tracking prevention is set to 'Balanced' with zero trackers blocked.

All of which is pretty odd, unless my site is serving up malware, which would be unexpected. Not because WordPress is great at security, but I use FlyWheel and CloudFlare, both of which I’d expect to catch any malware on the site.

Google also isn’t flagging this site as malicious, which it is typically quick to do.


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