Politico’s Dueling Biden Headlines

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A Republican arguing that Biden will stay in the race and Democrats arguing that they need a plan B 🙃

Screenshot of a news article with the headline "Get Used to It: Biden Isn't Going Anywhere" followed by a subheading "The GOP fantasy crowd is so accustomed to conspiracy theories that they’re betting the Democrats will switch candidates at the last minute. Have they actually paid attention to politics?" by Jonathan Martin. Below the text is an image of a man in a suit with an American flag in the background, gesturing with his hands while speaking.
Screenshot of a news article with the headline "Democrats Might Need a Plan B. Here's What It Looks Like." The article is categorized under "2024 Elections | Analysis" and discusses the political and procedural steps for how to pick a new presidential nominee. The article is by Charlie Mahtesian and Steven Shepard. The image features a close-up side profile of a man in a suit, who appears to be the subject of the article.


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