Q3 Kaseya Product Updates, IT Glue, Network Glue, ConnectBooster and Compliance Manager

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I watched the webinar, so you don’t have to 🙂

Kudos to the Kaseya team for flying through this — so much better than when vendors take 10x as long as needed. BUT, I’m sure I missed a few things here.

Overall, the changes are incremental. Nothing will rock your world. If you are an Autotask and/or Datto RMM user those incremental changes will translate to greater efficiency for your techs. (In minutes per day, not hours).

I’m hardly shilling for Kaseya here, but the updates are targeted at MSPs, it looks like more than Kaseya selling more of everyhing (or upselling, or cross selling).

IT Glue

SSO now allows for specific users to bypass SSO, in case the SSO provider goes down.

Exports can now be scheduled in the UI, or pulled in via the API.

OTP secrets are exported in the run book as well.

Offline Passwords

The ITG Browser password extension allows for offline mode for passwords — in beta. Also, it only works on Windows/Chrome. Other options are “on the roadmap” to “look into.” Comes out of beta in Q4.

Admin controls will be available. Existing permissions will carry over to offline mode, MFA and SSO still supported if ITG is offline (how does this work?)

Datto SaaS Protection Integration

They really ran through this at a fast clip. It looks like you can view all the relevant information from the ITG interface.

Spanning for Google Workspace

Similar to above, it didn’t look quite as complete.

Datto BCDR DR Runbook

Soon (December?) you can run Datto BCDR run books inside ITG. ITG says that this will help with clients who need DR runbooks on hand for compliance.

Network Glue

Automatic password rotation (September)

Password rotation is an existing feature, it now allows scheduling. ON-PREM AD ONLY. Nothing for Azure AD. (“On the roadmap”)

SNMPv3 Discovery (December)

No details given other than the headline. SNMP data can be pulled in as well, I don’t know if this is an existing feature.

Datto Networking Integration

Existing feature, it looks a lot like the Datto Network dashboard data, but inside ITG and I’d argue more readable. But, nothing here is mind-blowing.

Wifi Credentials Auto-documentation (Q4)

Save the WPA password automatically from the Datto Networking to ITG.

This is a great idea, but not exactly business changing.

Datto RMM & Autotask Integrations

Surface Documentation to Autotask Tickets

Create ticket rules to pull documentation into the ticket. At a glance, this looks like it will help junior techs, that don’t know what to search for. I can imagine — kind of — where this would be more help than time investment. In the meantime, it looks like writing a lot of rules.

Launch Datto RMM Web Remote from ITG.

ITG Checklists in Autotask

Ok, so this one I am a little excited about. You can create checklists in ITG and show them in Autotask PSA tickets.

RMM Integrations

Device passwords and documentation from ITG available in Datto RMM. If this works like they showed it, it will be great. Let techs get to documentation and passwords without jumping over to ITG.

MyGlue, myITProcess and Compliance Manager

TruMethods veteran Jeff LeClair goes over MyGlue, myITProcess and Compliance Manager. I don’t use any of these three products so take this with a grain of salt. But I didn’t see anything new in MyGlue or myITProcess. Compliance Manager will pull in data from across the Kaseya ecosystem. “No more copy and paste.”


Andy Nordin

Dashboard customizations

Move widgets around partner (your) dashboard, turn them on and off, “not quite snap to grid yet.” In the future “more widgets,” with “advanced metrics.”

“In the coming months” MSPs can turn on and off dashboard items for specific users at their clients.

Invoices Generation

Can choose HTML or PDF, based on customer. Looks like maybe (?) it can ingest PDFs from their party accounting solutions.

Notifications & Service Boards?

Andy went over something here but I completely missed it.


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