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smart brevity ebook

The name of the new book out from Axios cofounders.
Did you know your writing sucks if you want to be heard?

  • Eye-tracking studies show that we
    spend 26 seconds, on average, reading a
    piece of content?
  • We spend fewer than 15 seconds on
    most web pages…
  • Our brain decides in 17 milliseconds if
    we like what we just clicked…

Why it matters: These say “we” and “our” but it means as leaders most our words are
neither read nor heard.
Smart Brevity is a tool to help you write so you can be heard.
But but but…Be smart: you still need smart and relevant content.

Personal Backup.

I mostly write about business and technology, but personal tech matters just as
much and the same lessons apply.
Last month my physical backup went bad and I nearly lost months of photos and
other documents.

  • Personal things! Family stuff! Photos of my kids!

But I got it all back. For over a decade I’ve used an online backup service called
BackBlaze to back up my personal files.

  • BackBlaze backs up your entire computer to the cloud—even
    external hard drives (!)—for a fixed monthly price.

They mailed me a hard drive with all of my photos and documents, safe and sound.
I don’t get a spiff to write this: I write about it because I think it is one of the most
important things you can do to protect your personal digital life and memories.


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