The Scammers Are Warning Me

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Some days you can’t make this stuff up.

A relatively easy way to get around spam/phishing filters is to send phishing emails from a legitimate source. Google Groups — real-life mailings lists from Google — have become a popular option recently. On the surface they look like an email from the Geek Squad or something, even though they are actually a phishing email.

To send someone an email from a Google Group you need to add them to mailing list first, and this is where the new accidental, warnings come in: Google emails me when I get adding to a phishing group:

This is a legit email, basically just letting me know that I’ve been signed up for a mailing list. But, of course, Geek Squad is NOT using Google Groups to send me emails, the scammer abduasah[at] is.

The next email from this group will be a renewal notice “from” the Geek Squad asking me to call to cancel a service I don’t have…


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