Woz In Hospital

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An image showing a news article headline from CNNE that reads “Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak hospitalized in Mexico City, source says.” Below the headline is a photo of Steve Wozniak smiling, with a caption stating he attended the Digital X 2022 event by Deutsche Telekom on September 13, 2022, in Cologne, Germany.

Woz is known as the yin to Steve Jobs yang. Kind and loyal to a fault and non-materialistic. Never the face of Apple but still half the spark it took to light it.


Here are the top comments on a news site for geeks:

- caporalito: "God, take the salesman if you please, but not the Woz!!"

- i386: "Oh no you don’t, universe."

- cheerioty: "Get well soon, Steve! <3"

- HumblyTossed: "Oh, wow. Please get well soon, Steve!"

- cwales95: "Wishing him all the best!"

- jasonvorhe: "Let's hope it's not a heart issue."

- zabzonk: "actually, if it is serious, heart problems might be the best problems to have. of course, hoping it isn't serious."

- vkoskiv: "Ouch, get well soon Steve!"


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