WSJ: Ransomware affects bonds

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The image is a screenshot of a Wall Street Journal article on a mobile device. The article's headline reads "A Hidden Risk in the Municipal Bond Market: Hackers" and the subheading states "Cyberattacks leave schools, hospitals and utilities struggling to pay ransom, restore services and boost security." Below the subheading, it indicates a 4-minute read. The top of the screenshot shows the time as 7:33 and the device's battery status as 46%. The WSJ logo is visible, and the stock market indices such as DJIA, S&P 500, NASDAQ, and others show a negative percentage, indicating a downward trend in the market.

“Just as we evaluate whether or not a state or local government is continuing their investment in their physical infrastructure, we are also looking to see that continued investment in their IT software,” Lee said.

LA schools even sold bonds to cover IT upgrades.

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