You’re Not A Navy Seal to Work Harder and Sleep Less

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The most toxic element of small business culture is the belief that if you work long enough, hard enough— wake  up early and go to sleep late—you will find success and you’re a loser if you don’t. 

This is bullshit. Here’s why the culture persists: 

  1. Only people who embrace that culture and find success brag about it. You never see all the people that tried and failed. 
  2. “Self-improvement” books –  especially by former Navy Seals – glorify it. Guess what? You aren’t a Navy Seal.  
  • 0.0000060698% of the US population is a Navy Seal.  
  • Don’t discard all the advice – but  don’t believe that you have to act  like a Navy Seal to find success.
  1. It sounds like an easy button. It’s not. 
  • If only getting up earlier resulted in profits and success everyone would do it. SMB self-flagellation is  not a recipe for success. 

The bottom line: The culture is toxic and only a minority of people find success in it. Don’t embrace the toxicity.


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