Hong Kong Not Safe for Companies: Entirely Predictable

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The news that Hong Kong is not viewed as good place for Western companies is no surprise. After the failed attempts at democracy in then 2010s Beijing began to crack down in earnest. They started with the protestors, then the free press, then the legislature, and then the judiciary.

With a complete loss of democratic government in a Western-antagonistic. authoritarian regime, there is no reason for any Western companies to be in Hong Kong versus another safer city in the region.

Personally, I don’t think I’d travel to Hong Kong — much less the mainland — if I had the chance. I’m sure that hawkish writings here on and on social media have me on the Chinese government’s map.

If I can’t travel to Hong Kong because of outspoken writing in the US, why would any entire company want to risk placing staff there? (Well, at least outside of trying to make as much $$$ as possible in the Chinese market).


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