Nothing But the Truth?

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Politico has a medium-length article out today that reports testimonies and verified emails that contradict President Biden’s stronger denials regarding his relationships with the family businesses.

None of it would be the smoking gun that congressional Republicans are looking for to impeach Biden. However, it does cast a negative light on Joe Biden and will impeach the character that he and Democrats more broadly have built up of himself.

The allegedly false denials will cause way more of a headache than the actual events denied1. I think he could have come clean in 2020 and these things would 1000 news cycles ago, nearly forgotten. It isn’t just Joe Biden’s denials: the long-term insistence that the stolen Hunter Biden laptop is a big nothing-burger is appears untrue.

I don’t imagine that there is any Democrat who went on record refuting the importance of that laptop care to revisit those statements now.

Drip drip drip of small-lies and half-truths are a problem for any campaign2 but it is potentially disastrous for a campaign where the winner will be chosen by those on the margins. The handful of Americans who — somehow — have not made up their mind up either candidate.

I think Joe Biden is poor candidate for president and the Democrats would fare better if he decided not to run again and endorsed someone else.

  1. I don’t see anything in the article the promotes the allegation that Joe Biden pressured Ukraine to fire a prosecutor looking into a Ukrainian company with ties to Hunter Biden. That would be a guaranteed impeachment. ↩︎
  2. Except, possibly for Trump, where bigger is always better. ↩︎


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